Chair back


This is an unretouched photo, as all of these are, of the top back of

a chair which I brought home from China nearly 20 years ago. The carving

is exquisite. I'm so full of wonder and appreciation at the effort to produce

such beautiful things. You've only a bit-piece here in a camera experiment;

the hand-crafting of this chair is incredible.


I'm respecting the photo, though it's dark The luminescence of 'berries'

is not something I did. I hate to admit that I've not dusted or oiled these

find woods for many years. It's interesting when you run around the house

and take shots, and then look at them. One could criticize the camera or the

photographer, but when one sees art in what one's done, they should also appreciate

the objects. In viewing this weak shot I've learned a lot about the chair and my

lack of attention to it.