His hand


I should probably not say much about this one. In my Asian travels I've filled my house with objects which I value. As one moves toward mountains, one encounters different representations. I have always loved the representations I've found in mountain terrains; so white, clear, plain, easy to identify with.

This budda is about 3 foot tall and sits beside me as I read and think at home. He's one of a pair, and his brother is always with me in the office where I teach, though he sits below a mahogany table, and nobody seems to notice. I love a 'god' who intends service. I do too.

I should share with you my baby budda from Burma. He is so beautifully warm and funny. In my office he (ancient oiled mahogany) delivers joy from the top shelf of my oak bookcase. Nobody but me has ever noticed!

But then when students walk into my office they are greeted first with large African goard drums. Which seems to me to be as it should be.