Stag Frond


Here I'm trying to get at the "heart" of the matter. See the little "tit"

at center? There's a 'long frond' right behind it. This is the "bud" of the

Staghorn.. it's point of growth and circular movement. There really are

four elements to a Staghorn fern. There are the roots which devour wood,

the "long fronds", the "basal fronds" (large green area front), and then the

"bud". The bud is the point of growth; as it emerges it's 'shoulders' (basal fronds)

reach out to capture and enclose sources of food, and to protect roots.


The "bud" is the heart of the matter. It's protected with a furry essence, and

yet not protected enough. The "bud" is the point of vulnerability. It's said

that there are crustaceans in our yards (cousins of 'sowbugs' and 'pillbugs')

that will go for miles to nip on these buds.