Cal Poly Rosemary


I teach at Cal Poly Pomona. It's really a beautiful campus full of plantlife.

It started as a ranch for horses from WWII, the old "Kellog Ranch". Early

focus was on things like agriculture and airplane manufacturing. The campus

is abundant with plant species; some special, some not.

Walking past the library to the parking lot, one traverses interesting terrain and

species that I suspect few recognize anymore. Rosemary is used as a ground-cover here

and in the environs of our library.

I have to admit to a bit of thievery. A couple of years ago I snipped

some Rosemary buds and stuck them in water on the kitchen sink. They rooted beautifully

and now occupy part of a hillside right outside that kitchen window. Unfortunately, I can't

even get a cup of coffee without thinking about the place where I work! ;--)