Now here's the trouble-maker of the household. His name is LeRoy, but don't blame us!

LeRoy is a pound dog. You get wierd stories. We heard that the people who

bought him couldn't live with him. He was said to be so dependent on people that whenever

they'd leave the house he'd tear up the carpet. He's very proud and

independent; arrogant really. It's mainly for charm though, for he's also very

affectionate. But if you drive someplace, you better have him with you!

And as you drive, you'd better have a window wide open, 'cause he's going to

hang out and flap in the breeze.. no matter the speed.

LeRoy is a Tze Tsu; a breed, but really a combination of the 'hill dogs of Tibet'

(Lhasa Apsos) and Pommeranians of the colonializers.