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Kentucky Flea Market Dog

You can get some awfully bad information on the Internet. One of our favorite e-commerce vendors has made a huge business out of guaranteeing that the shoes you buy from them will fit – or you can return them for any reason. Zappos carries perhaps the largest inventory of shoes that one can find, and it manages national distribution out of it's headquarters in a small town not far from Louisville, Kentucky. You can find accounts of outlet shopping at their nine-story headquarters showroom and warehouse. The accounts suggest great discount sales. This was a "have to" if we were to be near the area. It was also a huge disappointment.

The gal at the counter seemed to have heard it before. She seemed really sorry that there was only this one small floor of items on offer, and that no, one couldn't order from their online catalog and pick up items locally. There ought to be a law…

So.. why was there all this traffic at the local Rv park? Here was another park promising great Wi-Fi and delivering hardly any signal. It was clean though, and got really busy in the morning as traffic was streaming north on the side-road to a huge metal roofed barn of some sort, and acres of flea market stalls along gravel and mud roads. Though we couldn't find much in the way of shoes in town, we had to explore the flea market – and it seemed to go on forever. Inside were some habitual sellers who could afford booths, while outside were some true junk purveyors, though they were mixed amidst importers of Chinese manufactured goodies and those hoping for small coins for stuff from their aged barns. Periodically though, there were true artists and or generous parents.

Awesome Airbrush was one of our favorite locals. Tommy Lee is really good at what he does, and he can spray up a license plate or t-shirt for you in nothing flat. He usually works in his studio out on Dixie Highway, though he joins the flea market vendors on weekends. We had to head back to the van to do some Internet searching for images of Louie.. the dog next door. What fun gift for Susan, who was taking care of our birds while we were gone.

But walking down the aisle we ran into Teile. What a cute little white puppy this was one – really hard to resist. We tried.. and even produced an option when we found another stall with toy black and brown Shih Tzus. We realized that we were in puppy mill territory though in these cases, dogs seemed to be raised in homes and with pride. Teile's growing faster than we'd have guessed, but he's a great sport and gets along only too well with his brother and sister.