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en*thu*si*asm \in-'th(y)uze-az-em\ n [Gk enthouslamos, fr enthouslazein to be inspired, fr entheos inspired, fr en- + theos god] a 1 : belief in special revelations b : fanaticism 2 a : strong excitement of feeling : FERVOR b : something inspiring zeal or fervor syn see PASSION


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Two Dogs

We've got a couple of awfully good dogs. Teipu and her brother LeRoy put up with an awfully lot. Little did they know too that they'd soon be undertaking the responsibility of being pseudo parents to a little beast we'd find at a fleamarket along the way. In any case, most repair guys don't appreciate having dogs in the vans that they're repairing, and our Flagstaff repair folks needed help in focusing on a diagnosis. So the kids got attached to a nearby fence out of reach of the barky things that protected the repair lot day and night. We never felt good about the diagnosis that the van got from the repair facility. An alternator cable had been overheated and repaired. A second battery designed to keep the lights and utilities on in the back of the van was replaced.. needlessly it turns out. The problem was never really understood or dealt with though for many miles when it seemed that the isolator which was designed to prevent back-flow of charge between the two batteries needed to be cut out of the system. That was workable, though it meant harboring batteries and not running the Internet router on board any more than necessary.