Steve Iman

en*thu*si*asm \in-'th(y)uze-az-em\ n [Gk enthouslamos, fr enthouslazein to be inspired, fr entheos inspired, fr en- + theos god] a 1 : belief in special revelations b : fanaticism 2 a : strong excitement of feeling : FERVOR b : something inspiring zeal or fervor syn see PASSION


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Got Time

We've long known of Merritts – a key provider of parts for old clocks. We had little idea though what we were getting ourselves into in trying to hunt them down. Many miles out small, two lane roads, to a very rural part of Pennsylvania, there is what looks to be an old farm with lots of buildings, and acres of antiques and clocks. We arrived early in the morning as they were just opening and walked the dogs out to the cow pastures before scouting out the many rooms of inventory.

One often hears, when Merritts announces the availability of antiques that it's found something it didn't know that it had in inventory. Seeing the inventory and the acres of sheds leads one to understand that the staff isn't simply hyping the matter. In the past, Merritts has dealt in all kinds of antiques and collectibles, though as we visited they were preparing for one of the largest antique auctions in the country on their grounds. The staff promised to stay in business on the clocks and parts though, and hoped to find progress in focus.