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Harnish Homestead

Lancaster prides itself on it's history and the settlement of so many "Deutsch" farmers from the beginning.  (It's sort of ironic that while many think of "Pennsylvania Dutch" as hailing from Holland simply because they often spoke "deutsch", the reality was that most of the German migrants in early waves were actually Swiss who had spent time along the Rhine as only partially welcomed farm laborers.  The Swiss Germans came in waves, at first largely fleeing religious persecution, and with the encouragement of William Penn and Quakers. Some stayed for a period in England in the absence of help in making it to America, while others made it down the Rhine and to passage to Philadelphia. Having landed in Philadelphia they headed toward the edges where rich farmland could be found. It was a time when Lancaster was a far larger county than it is today.

Among the early migrants from the Pfalz region of Germany where refugees had settled along the Rhine, were the Harnishes -- one of well over 100 early families who located in what was to become the Lancaster area. The Harnish homestead stands to this day as one of the remnants of the period. It's a pleasure to visit. Early Eymans intermarried with the children of Jacob Harnish, who appears in many Conestoga historical records. A Harnish and a Fehl pair own and have kept Postlethwaite's Tavern maintained and in great shape. You'll hear more about this place if you get at all close to Eyman history since the area of the tavern seems to have been a location for some of our first ancestors.