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en*thu*si*asm \in-'th(y)uze-az-em\ n [Gk enthouslamos, fr enthouslazein to be inspired, fr entheos inspired, fr en- + theos god] a 1 : belief in special revelations b : fanaticism 2 a : strong excitement of feeling : FERVOR b : something inspiring zeal or fervor syn see PASSION


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Building Trust

 Trust issues are important to relationships everywhere -- from emerging face-to-face relationships to hammering out associations in the global order. Trust issues invade our politics and are the number one criteria used by CEOs in selecting top corporate leaders in America.  Trust recedes to the background as we focus on other relationship issues. But in understanding and not being blind to trust issues, we can build it and maintain it. Old institutions are being left behind in part because their power and hierarchy were institutionalized forms of distrust. Most companies move too slowly to compete, thus losing out on opportunities that trust can open. The following notes reflect themes I've been thinking about for a long while. Many of these issues were addressed in a wonderful little book by Robert Solomon and Fernando Flores, entitled "Building Trust".