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Wake Up Call

Ever wake up in the morning ready to get on the road only to find flashing red lights on the dash? That's time to take pause and try to figure out what' going on. Apparently the alternator wasn't feeling good about things. All we needed to do was haul out into traffic only to find the van shutting down in the middle of things. Who knows there what would have taken us.

We walked around the neighborhood to learn things, consider local supplies. No new batteries even if we wanted a back-up. We learned collected lots of negative annecdotes about screw jobs from local towing companies and mechanics who weren't thought capable. Until recently, the "full service" stations within the national park were said to fix things. Of late tough, it seems they're reduced to replacing what they can from limited stock of very standard parts. Tow trucks that tow inside the park don't tow out of it, and those who two from outside the park don't generally cross the line, but head the long trek of about 40 miles back to Flagstaff to better services.

So it was off to Flagstaff at the hands of a tow operator who described themselves as AAA authorized, though our local AAA representatives diagnosed this not to be the case since this "operator" found that AAA would only cover 7 miles of towing, leaving us with a rather huge bill. Thankfully, that insurance salesman from the Alicia office stuck on the case and assured against odds that we got "covered". The tow operator had noted that he'd hauled a "Chevy Van".. another mark against us since only "motor homes" are to be covered on our policy. Convinced ultimately by photos that the "motor home" only looked like a Chevy, we ultimately got some help.

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