Steve Iman

en*thu*si*asm \in-'th(y)uze-az-em\ n [Gk enthouslamos, fr enthouslazein to be inspired, fr entheos inspired, fr en- + theos god] a 1 : belief in special revelations b : fanaticism 2 a : strong excitement of feeling : FERVOR b : something inspiring zeal or fervor syn see PASSION
Online Surveys has conducted organizational assessments for over 20 major domestic and global corporations featuring powerful action planning with results.

  • Online tools vastly cut the costs of meaningful organizational assessments.
  • We can web-ize and deploy your surveys, point to public domain items for reliable and valid measures, coach you in building your instrument, or use our proprietory 360-degree leadership, team, or organizational surveys.
  • Web tools can be used for confidential survey participation, and for controlled access to multiple levels of feedback reports and analysis.
  • Getting the full benefit of surveys starts with planning feedback and action planning processes before defining survey administration procedures.
  • Sound assessment of survey results requires outsider objectivity and benchmark comparisons together with insider knowledge. We compare local results with over 20,000 workgroups.
  • Percentage scores, and means comparisons only start to tell the story. Data mining strategies reaching toward causal analysis can add significantly to survey effectiveness.
  • We can share over thirty years of solid experience at facilitating action planning events around the use of survey results.


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